Re:Root life coaching voucher January 2019 – Terms and conditions

Let us support you to : Reroot yourself : Re:Route your life : And enjoy your  journey

These terms and conditions apply for  all vouchers purchased in and up to 31st January 2019 . By purchasing your voucher  you are agreeing to Re:Root’s voucher policies 2019.


Terms and conditions :

Gift Certificate cannot be used to purchase a further Gift Certificate.

All Gift Certificates are dated and expire after 2. April.2019.

Gift Certificates cannot be exchanged for cash.

Gift Certificate cannot be exchanged or refunded.

Gift Certificate can only be used for a two holistic coaching session with Re:root.

Gift certificate can only be used by the customer registered at the time of purchase.

Re:root and employees thereof make no warranty regarding service that may be received in connection with use of this Gift certificate.

Re:root and employees thereof  assumes no responsibility and shall not be liable for any injury, loss, or damage of any type or nature which arises out of use of this Gift certificate.

Exchange Policy

Only the buyer can exchange the client name on the voucher and must contact Re:root to make a change on

Only the buyer of the gift or the registered (at the time of purchase) recipient of the voucher can use the voucher.  If you wish to change the name on the voucher you must contact Re:Root via email no later than 28th Febuary 2019.

Cancellations and Refunds Policy

A voucher  can only be cancelled by the buyer not the recipient

A voucher  can only be cancelled by email headed


Similarly to request a refund, please contact us by email headed VOUCHER CANCELLATION AND  REFUND.


All certificates cancelled on or after 28th Febuary will not begin a refund process until 2nd April 2019

All refunds will take up to 10 working days to be completed.

Re:Root charges no cost for refunds and cancellations 2019


Please be aware that Re:Root’s opening hours are monday to friday 10 am – 17:00 pm CMT