Time Mangement

How to adjust to normal everyday life after Summer

Going back to work after the holidays can feel like a slap in the face. The Summer was free and easy breezy and now here

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How to create your ideal day

Transforming your life – How to Create Your Ideal Day

Sometimes it can be a challenge to transform your life. Like you are facing an insurmountable mountain. However climbing a mountain doesn’t need to be

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December without Stress

A December free of Stress – Yuletide time management to take your cares away

The holidays are coming! Yep this week we hit December and the build up begins in earnest. (No matter how hard the shops have been

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How embracing healthy boredom is the key to your creativity and productivity

So imagine my horror this past weekend when I suddenly found myself bored. Due to being ill I wasn’t able to follow through with my

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How I organise my life – Time management that works

For years my personal time management sucked.  I couldn’t remember appointments, struggled with daily tasks and felt overwhelmed. I procrastinated, I just accepted the negative

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How to Declutter your life – Starting with the art of decluttering your time

In 2010 Francine Jay’s “The Joy of Less” was published and slowly but surely ‘Decluttering’ has become a thing. As Maureen O’Connor said “Decluttering is

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How to fit fun into your busy life

I have a tendency to turn everything into work. Even the things I love to do. Just like posting on this blog. I love to

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Appreciating the moment during your busyness – 2 simple tricks to help

Summer holidays are just around the corner. And if you are like me this month is packed solids with both work and social events. I

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#life lessons 101 – 3 step process to take care of yourself and get things done when you are overwhelmed

In my own life I know that being an Entrepreneur can be overwhelming at time. Heck being human can be overwhelming at times too! No

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#lifelessons101 -My Tips and tricks for healthy time management (3 min read)

Time is our most valuable asset. We all feel as though we don’t have enough of it and we all want more. However the fact

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