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nature spirituality

Why we need a Spiritual Connection to Nature

Many people today perceive themselves as separate from nature. Not surprising considering how far removed our lives are from her rythm. Cities, technology, big industry

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summer of self-love

4 Lessons learnt from a Summer of Self-love

This summer I decided to give myself a gift of total immersion into self-love. I dedicated 5 weeks into actively practicing self-love, prioritising my relationship

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self love

Why is Self-love Important for You in 2021?

Recently you may have noticed that I have been writing alot about Self-love.  So you may be wondering why the heck does Emma-Jane keep going

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7 Reasons why Self-Love is Spiritually Empowering

Bottom line Self-love is about being aligned with your authentic self. It’s about trusting yourself, appreciting yourself and being connected to yourself.  Which is why

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Why is loving ourselves so hard and what to do about it?

When we think of the word self-love it tends to bring up an insta-filtred vision of harmonious self acceptance and unconditional love for ourselves. Everything

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spiritual self love

Spiritual Self Love – 3 powerful practices

Spirituality and Self-love go hand. Spiritual self-love is all about being good to yourself, to love, honour, appreciate and accept all of yourself as part of

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letting go

Letting Go Sometimes Means Facing Things You Don’t Want to Face

Now I know the old adage is true “when you let go of your past it make space for something in the future”. But those

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Debunking self-love

Debunking some Self-love Myths

One thing I have noticed in my years as a coach is the misconceptions people have about self-love. Self-love is a phrase that get’s thrown

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Self-Love Ritual

Create a Self-Love Ritual

It’s the Weekend!! I love weekends not just because time to spend with those I love, do things I haven’t had time for in the work

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self-love for anxiety

3 Self-Love Practices for Anxiety

Just ‘love yourself’ is something we hear all over the place today. To be honest the phrase self-love is a bit over used and fluffy

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