Imbolc – Awakening & clarity after Winter’s hibernation

Some people love January as the time of new beginnings. But for me February always feels like the month to get going. With the pale

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7 practical tips for boosting your motivation

Motivation despite your situation … Motivation is a tricky bugger to be honest, especially during coronavirus and isolation. I mean the whole situation is hitting

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#lifelessons101 – The Ultimate Key to Staying Motivated (Especially during isolation)

How is your self motivation?  I’d love to know. Because one thing I have noticed during the Coronavirus Lockdown more and more of my clients

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#lifelessons101 – Motivation, determination and manifestation – the sweet always comes after the sour!

How to find light through the darkeness on your manifestation journey It’s been a crazy week! And it really hit me whiile I was looking

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#lifelessons101- How to keep on going when you hit a bump in the road and it feels like you are getting nowhere

Dreams beget reality is something I have always believed. But sometimes the road to our dreams becoming a reality is a long and hard one.

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#Life lessons 101 – How to find your balance and ride the wave when life starts going wibbly wobbly

Sometimes life just goes wibbly wobbly. You know what I mean. There hasn’t been a big trauma or drama, you are not having to fight

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What little moments do you live for?

It’s been such a lovely weekend. Not because we had a special occcaision or a holiday or anything ‘big’ like that. Nothing instagram worthy. This

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How to find your personal power during depression?

Depression, as you will know if you suffer with it is one of the most draining experiences you can have in life. It is one

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Spring into action

Spring is here, it’s the time for action!

Clearing Renewal Growth / action Spring clean your home, your wardrobe or your garden. Empty out the drawers in your office desk and only put

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How to live a life less ordinary :Prioritise doing more of what you love

I am very fortunate to have created a life I love for myself. However, at this time of year when the pre -winter blues echo

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