spiritual life

4 Ways to Live a Spiritual Life without becoming a Monk!

 Many of us want a spiritual life but have no idea how to fit spirituality into our daily lives. I mean in days of yore

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5 steps to reassess your life and live with integrity

  There are moments in life that make you reassess everything. Moments that throw a spotlight on your reality. A disaster that reminds you that

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What is the meaning of Christmas for you as an adult? – finding your integrity and enjoying Christmas the way you want to!

Integrity is a topic that is coming up alot in my life at the moment. Someone asked me recently what does having integrity mean to

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#Lifelessons101 -Living with integrity – staying true to yourself in the middle of drama

Some weeks are amazing. Some are mediocre. And some challenge you to the point of meltdown. Can you guess which type of week I have

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#lifelessons101: Finding your integrity

This week I was supposed to be hosting an important event – the first meeting of a new women’s circle in my local library. I

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#LifeLesson101 – Ways to find your self respect and be true to yourself (3 min read)

  Happy Friday y’all 😀 This week during my miracle morning it was time to choose a new book.( I always love this part it’s

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