#lifelessons101 – Taming your temper to allow your anger become your greatest ally

Anger issues. To a greater or lesser degree we all have them. And the challenge with Anger is that when you don’t control it, it

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Swearing can be good for communication

#lifelessons101 – Why swearing can be good for effective communication

This week I posted the “If I held a Ted Talk what would you expect it to be about” meme on Facebook. And of course

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It’s so much easier when we talk! -Taking the difficult conversations

When people understand each other amazing and inspiring things can happen. Unfortunately the reverse of that statement is also true. When we don’t understand each

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#lifelessons101 : Sometimes surrendering the fight is the way to win the fight

As some of you may have noticed, over the last month or so things have not been hunky dory in our world. In fact far

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A gift from autism -How to be honest with yourself and others

Over the last few weeks I have been in the strange position to be surrounded by people who can not, or choose not to communicate

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#lifelessons101 – Tell me something good – How the power of a good story can turn your day around

Yesterday my work life just went FUBAR (And for those you not in the know that means Fucked up beyond all recognition.) Needless to say

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How to recover from a verbal attack and turn the pain into wisdom

We have all experienced the feeling of being insulted or verbally attacked. Whether the playground jibes, a  loved one lashing out. And often is can

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#lifelessons101 – How to help a friend without getting caught in drama

Humans love drama. We do. Our entire entertainment system is built upon that fact. On the big screen, in the tabloids, we revel in emotionally

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#lifelessons101 – Recovering quickly from a conflict at work in 8 minutes

This week I had the horrible experience of having an unexpected conflict with an almost stranger. I had begun a new contract and one of

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Stopping the destructive argument spiral and find solutions quickly

Who among us enjoys having arguments? Not me, not anyone I imagine. However, unfortunately, they are part of the human condition.  To fight is part

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