Life Lessons 101


#lifelessons101 – How to do forest bathing at home

Give yourself the mental escape you need On March 8th it will be one year since I went into isolation with my partner. I’m in

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#lifelessons101 – 8 realisations and lessons I have learned during a global pandemic and isolation (plus the power of a pillow fort!)

Firstly let me say that I know that I am extremely lucky in this time of global crisis to be in my situation. I can

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#lifelessons101- Bored at home during the Coronavirus Lockdown? Here's some great websites to keep you amused for free!

#lifelessons101- Bored at home during the Coronavirus Lockdown? Here’s some great websites to keep you amused for free!

If you are getting bored at home during the Coronavirus lockdown then step over to the interwebs, there’s lots of fun to be had right

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#lifelessons101 – Inspiring People – The Queen of Jolly and Brave Honesty Miranda Hart

One of the tricks I have learnt over the years is when I need encouragement, inspiration or just cheering up is to revisit the work

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Swearing can be good for communication

#lifelessons101 – Why swearing can be good for effective communication

This week I posted the “If I held a Ted Talk what would you expect it to be about” meme on Facebook. And of course

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#lifelessons101 – My top five personal growth reads for 2020

Jim Rohn said“Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.” —and I completely agree. Which is why one of my favorite

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#liflessons101 – Why practicing kindness makes you happier and healthier

Recently I saw a Facebook Meme thingy that said “Be the I in Kind”. Now being an advocate of practicing kindness I thought ahhh. Until

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#lifelessons101 – How random acts of kindness will deepen your gratitude and enrich your life

In my happiness project this month’s theme is gratitude. I have been consciously aware of the things I have to be grateful for, making sure

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# Life lessons 101 -How to avoid burnout and re prioritise RnR when you are insanely busy

This week has been the start of my hella stressful 10 days. I have periods of life like this occasionally where my days are just

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#lifelessons101 – How to cope when you get a diagnosis

Getting a diagnosis is an emotional roller coaster ride. Whether for a mental or physical health issue, you could be standing amidst shock, disbelief, epiphany,

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