Inner Child

Love yourself the way you would love your child – Self love in action

If you have been following my ramblings this may you will know that this month I have dedicated may as the month of self love

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inner child

Invite your inner child for Christmas

So people say that Christmas is a time for children. And as a busy adult trying to juggle work, buying gifts, our economy, making sure

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Healing your inner Mother – the first 3 steps

Most of us have Mommy issues. Whether through trauma or a completely “normal” childhood, we all have some work that needs to be done to

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#lifelessons101- All work and no play makes jack a dull boy (2 min read)

I am a workaholic. I am. I love to be busy, creating, manifesting. The summer holidays is looming and this year Mr T and I

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#Lifelessons101 – Dialoguing with your inner child (4 mins read)

Recently whilst revisiting teachings on self love my inner child hopped up in a vulnerable and delicate state. She was not happy and desperately needed

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#lifelessons101- The ultimate instant stress relief – Set you inner child free this weekend! (4 min read)

This week has been amazing! Honestly I haven’t enjoyed myself so much in such a long time. And why? Well this week I have spent

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Turn your Monday frown upside down in three inspiring and hilarious steps!

Mondays uggh! Some days you just get out of  the wrong side of the bed. Today I had it on overload. At 3 minutes to

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#lifelessons101 –  Life without play is just existing (And why I like to play with wands… Expelliarmus!!) (2 min read)

This weekend I will be donning my purple wig, grabbing my leather jacket, putting on my battered old army boots and heading on the yearly Odense

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