I'm Emma-Jane Cross

Life Coach, Author and Spiritual Guide​

I think it’s only fair I tell you a little about me and my life transformation journey from Homeless to Entreprenuer, Author & Spiritual Guide

First thing you have to know about me is that I believe  that dreams  beget reality, in the power of taking life into my own hands and transforming it into an amazing journey. I live my life to the fullest, becoming the best version of myself and enjoying my life’s journey. 

Life Coach

From my own life I  know when we Re:Root in ourselves we all have the power to change our lives, to re:root our life, to live a life we love and enjoy the journey.


I have always believed that the most important thing in life is to be happy! 

Despite not having had the easiest life with it’s fair share of abuse and traumas, I always managed to find the positive, to find the happiness in the darkness. But there came a point 7 years ago when it looked as though my life would could never be happy when I hit the biggest black hole I have ever had to face. 

Over night I went from being in a relationship and employed, to suddenly becoming single, homeless, jobless, broke and in desperate need of a kidney operation. 
In a foreign country, alone, 1608 km from home. 
It was a tough time… all the bad things had happened previously in my life overwhelmed me all at once. 
I couldn’t find my happiness. I couldn’t find the strength to face this new black hole.
And eventually when it all got too much I tried to end it all.

Even now I can’t believe that that was me. ME who thinks we have an obligation to get the most from this precious gift of life was trying to end it all. 

But the hardest point in my life was actually the biggest turning point of MY LIFE! 


Somewhere inside the happiness was trying to remind me of who I was. That if life was going to be worth living the bad stuff had to stop. Once and for all. 

I began to soul search. Instead of looking for blame, I looked for the lesson in the chaos. At the patterns that had lead me to that point.

And what I found shocked me.  I began to realise that I attracted all of this chaos into my life. 

The more I looked, the more I realised, that if I had the power within me to create chaos and trauma, I also have the power within me to create a life I loved and deserved.

Then and there I drew a line in the sand.


And from that day on powerful, wonderful and life transforming things have happened in my life.

As a practitioner of seasonal spirituality, I have always been into personal, spiritual and natural growth.  I RE:ROOTED IN MYSELF AND I BLOSSOMED. I looked inwards and found the power to start working on myself. I looked outwards at nature ane realised that there was the blueprint for transformation. That I, just as a seed is born with everything it needs to grow and fulfill its life’s purpose, I discovered so am I. I began to invest in myself, in my personal development. 

I began to live consciously, proactively & powerfully

By that I mean I became aware of myself and the impact I have in creating my reality. I rekindled my spiritual journey, worked with a growth mindset and my confidence soared. From looking within and working upon myself I over came the traumas, abuse and hardships of my past and built my life on stronger foundations.

2 months after walking out of the hospital with nowhere to go I had a job, a home and a whole new outlook on life. And began to live a life that I love!

I Re:Rooted within in myself. From there I Re:Rooted my life​

And it didn’t stop there!

As I grew I knew that I wanted to help others do the same and one year later I built on my existing education in human development and pedagogy and I studied to become a holistic life coach. 

In 2015 I  created the Walking the Wheel of the Year Personal Development Program. Which draws on my personal experience of personal development, spiritual training and coaching tools, supporting people to connect with nature and synchronize their personal growth with the rhythm of nature’s journey. 

I began to publish articles online and developed my own Re:Root coaching method a practical and natural approach to life coaching.

As a life coach I began to coach private clients and now have coached hundreds of people with amazing results. 

And in 2020 I my first book Walking the Wheel of the Year was published!

Here I am at 42, six years after the worst
point in my life...


Today I am living the life I had always imagined for myself. I have a working life that I love as an entrepreneur, coach, author and as a spiritual guide. As well as my private coaching and workshops I am the in house coach at Dania Business Academy coaching students to achieve their dreams. Through my workshops, e-books and content I give people the tools so they can Re:Root their life. 

 I walk my talk. As I don’t believe you can develop others without developing yourself. So I spend a huge amount of time learning about and practicing what I preach. I love exploring how to be a better me, a better human being – and learning how to access my potential and help others do the same. 

Each and every day I transform lives, whilst transforming my own. 

On top of all of this I have found the love of my life, my Mr T, we have a beautiful home with two sweet and slightly bonkers cats right next to the fjord in Jutland, Denmark and when I’m not coaching I can be found in nature, curled up on a sofa reading or geeking out on HArry Potter!

I feel so blessed and grateful to have have the opportunity to transform my life. 

Which is why I am so passionate about helping you to do the same. Because if I can go from homeless to happy I know you can transform your life and enjoy the journey…

and that is what I want to help you to do

Re:Root Your Life & Enjoy your journey

If you want support to Re:Root your life, go deeper on your personal or spiritual growth path then connect with me!