4 Ways to Live a Spiritual Life without becoming a Monk!

spiritual life

 Many of us want a spiritual life but have no idea how to fit spirituality into our daily lives. I mean in days of yore it was easier. Society’s spirituality was organised by well, religious organisations. There was a set structure, traditional practices to follow and everybody knew when it was time to be spiritual and when was normal life time. 

Today we have the freedome to choose our own path. Of which I am a huge fan of. However, that does come with pitfalls. One of which is how to fit spirituality into our life. We are, according to the media, busier than ever today. And certainly as 21st centuary woman and entreprenuer I have alot of tasks to fit into my day. (And I take my hats off to those of you that do what I do and have kids- you amaze me.) Spiritual practice does seem like a big add on doesn’t it?

This is something I struggeled with for a long time. I mean I dedicated 3 years of my life devoted to studying my spiritual path. When I came out of that period and suddenly had to do all the other things it was totally overwhelmed. And slowly my spiritual practices shunted down my todo list. Which frustrated me and I felt like I wasn’t living in alignment with my beliefs and purpose. 

So how can you live a spiritual life in this day and age?

For me, the solution had two parts. 


Creating simple and quick spiritual practises I could fit into my day. 

I have to admit prioritisation was the hardest to do. Even though my spirituality is important to me, at first when I prioritised my spiritual practices over life and work tasks i felt like I was playing hookie. But the bottom line was that the sense of purpose and connection I felt from my spiritual practices gave me the energy to do better at every other aspect of my life, not to mention increased quality of life it brought. So I had to suck up my guilt and prioritise my life quality over the modern concept of productivity. Sorry I can’t make this one easier for you. It’s a mindstate thing and personal to us all.

However what I can make easier for you is Creating simple and quick spiritual practises. Cause luckily for you I did the ground work so you don’t have too!

First things first you have to answer 2 questions:

How much time can I realistically* set aside in my day?

What will give me the sense of connection I am looking for?

(* notice the emphasis of realism. It might be nice to do an hour of meditation daily, but if you aint’ got that time you ain’t going to do it. Don’t set yourself up for a fail).


5 mins spiritual practices

For me meditation, connecting to nature and personal growth are big parts of my spiritual path. But with 2 jobs and 2 businesses (and a life!) long walks in nature and long meditations are out. So I had to find some 5 minute practices that would allow me to do my thing. I found a brilliant moving meditation called Tsalagi. It aligns with my beliefs and is great to do outside for those days when the weather is nice. 5 minute walks around my garden help me connect with nature on those busy days too. Sure this doesn’t give me the full connection of a shamanic journey, however, it give me a form of connection on a daily basis. 

making daily rituals spiritual

There are things we do everyday, such as making food, eating, showering, getting up! Adding an element of spiritual focus into these moments is a beautiful spiritual practice. A mindful shower, a mantra as you wake up, a moment of gratitude before your eat. Spiritual rituals do not always need to be grand. My teacher told me that the truest spiritual path is making each moment in life sacred. Bringing a spiritual focus to your normal activites is a great first step on this path.

Make space for spiritual practices in your calendar

Pre-plan in your schedule times where you can really geek out in your spirituality and your learning. Whether it’s a course you want to attend, a day in nature or a book you want to read or a ceremoy you want to do then block out time in your calendar. When things are scheduled we make them important. And we prioritise them. 

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Elements Meditation

Make Gratitude Practice sacrosant

In any faith and spiritual practice gratitude is one of the principals at the heart and center. I do a 2 minte gratitude practice every day. It keepe me aware, present and enriched. The little things in life are a blessing, appreciating them is a way of thanking the divine what ever you percive that to be. 

I believe the most powerful spiritual practices are the ones we do because they give meaning to your life. Make sure the spiritual practices you bring into your life mean something to you. Experiment with what works. With the time you give to your spiritual practice. To what fuels your power, life and beliefs. 

If you want to find out a bit more about creating spiritual practices and ceremonies check out my mini course Creating Ceremony which goes into this in detail and gives you a universal blueprint for creating ceremonies that work for you. 

What spiritual practice will you bring into your life? 

I’d love to here in the comments below

Have a beautiful day 

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