Keep self love simple – tips to being kind to yourself when you don’t have much time!

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When we think of self love  it often conjures up images of massages, luxury, pampering and oodles of time to invest in ourselves. However, when life is busy time to invest in self love can be the last thing on our minds. And that is often when we need a little self-love the most. Yet we don’t all have the luxury of booking a day off in the spa.   

So do you manage to be kind to yourself when you don’t have much time?

Keep it simple!

Being kind to your self and practicing self-love doesn’t need to be time consuming or elaborate. There are many little things you can do to take care of yourself in a busy time consumed schedule.

Here are my 5 top self love tips you can put into action straight away and give yourself the kind treatment and love you deserve.

Take 2 minutes to appreciate yourself

A little appreciation goes a long way. Grab a journal, google keep or a post it and write down 3 things you appreciate about yourself.

It could be that you are a good friend or partner or that you are doing well at your job. The things you appreciate don’t just have to be big things. Maybe just that you made yourself dinner or went to work even when you wanted to stay home.

The important thing is to appreciate yourself both for the little things and the things you may take for granted and not just for the bigger accomplishments.

Get the big tasks out of the way

If you have a busy overwhelming schedule you might have a big task you really don’t want to do. For me this often looking a my finances. The challenge is that by not doing it you are not taking care of yourself and it can sit like a pit of stress in your stomach. Grab that big task get it done and over with is an act of self-love. By doing it you will make your load lighter and easier to bear. What could be kinder.

Nourish yourself

We know that good food and nourishment is important so make that an act of self love. Whether it is your favourite cup of tea in the morning, a walk at lunch or eating your favourite dinner, give your body something to lift the spirits and nourish your body will always make you feel better.

Make time for a mini pamper session

Now you may not have time for the full routine. But using 1 more minute to moisturize, use a little hair oil is not going to wreck your day’s plans. Giving yourself a 5 minute hand massage or even  doing 10 mins of yoga will make you feel taken care of. An investment in your own health.

Sing along to your favourite happy song!

Indulge yourself by listening to your favourite happy song and sing along! Allowing yourself to be happy in a busy day is an act of self love. So while you are making dinner or driving to work bring a smile to your face with some music you love.

There are many little ways in which we can be kind to ourselves and make self love a simply daily practice. These are but a few suggestions.

What can you do in 3 minutes today to give your self a little love and kindness?

Share your self love rituals in the comments so we can inspire each other !

HAve a wonderful week

Emma-Jane <3

Take a little time to make your soul happy

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