Why am I snapping all the time?

So after returning from my last two weeks of holiday instead of feeling rested and relaxed I am grumpy as heck and snapping at everything. Some of this is definitely to do with the fact I haven’t had a proper break since we got home. The day after our return I hit the ground running and within 7 days I had had an exam, been the priestess for a wedding, finished all the holiday washing and unpacking and we got a new kitten. On top of this my computer stopped working and today I forgot to take my insulin with me out of the house so my blood sugars have been running dangerously high.

And I can’t stop snapping at Mr T. Now to be fair he is also exhausted, so not the most congenial of company right now. However it’s got to the stage that I am really getting annoyed by my own irritable nature so it’s time to find out why I am snapping all the time. As always I turn to my google guru to see if there is any wise sage on the interwebs to help me on my quest. Turns out not so much, lot’s of medical advice but no tools out there to help me work this out. So back to square one. Grumble, grumble, grumble.

I could have gotten very annoyed about this, easily. However years of personal development have kicked in and reminded me when I can’t see the answer it’s time to get some objectivity. Hence this post. And truly as I write my heart out to you all here the answers become clearer. All of a sudden I can see how to answer my question and do something about it. It feels so much better. So if you have been overly grumpy lately, join me as I shift from my victim stance to my place of power and follow these 5 part checklist  to figure out why the heck we are snapping all the time.?

Check the bodily functions

Have you been sleeping enough? Drinking enough water? Eating good foods? If the answer to all of these is no then there is the bottom of your snappy problem. Without the right fuel and maintenance our bodies function badly and we get grumpy. Book some sleep time, grab a smoothie, so fruit or a good salad and fill the fridge with so water bottles.

Check your calendar

What have you been doing over the last few weeks? When I look at my calendar it is obvious that i have been running on burn out for about 10 days. If like me you have alot of things that need to be done in the next 10 days, prioritise, delegate and simplify. If it doesn’t need to be done then don’t do it now when you are burn out. Plan breaks and sleep time. Even if you need to get your Mum to take the kids out for an afternoon so you can sleep, do it. Your kids will be much happier if you are rested. (And ladies don’t forget to check in your cycle, p-pill or not the hormones do rule the roost for most of us).

When did you last get cuddled?

Seriously when did you actually cuddle for over five minutes. Feeling loved makes us feel good and secure. When we are worn down that is exactly what we need to feel. We need to feel cosy and loved and safe. So find a friend, partner or even a parent or pet to cuddle with you for a bit. If you do not have any of the above then wrap yourself in duvets in a homemade pillow fort with an old cuddly toy (I know you have one. We all do).

When did you last get your blood rate pumping?

Al be it training, dancing to music or even sex, when did you last get the blood moving around your body? I am really bad at this one. Crank up the stero, visit the gym or the swimming pool, take the dog out for a walk or plan a night in with your partner! If you can get out in nature, do it (and no I am not advocating shagging in the wilderness, unless of course that is your thing, just stay legal). Seriously nature is one of the best healers and it’s free so go and connect.

When did you last laugh out loud?

Humor is a life saver. It makes everything feel better when you have had a good laugh. Watch your favourite films, check out the imugr collection of memes. Exercise your cheek muscles and howl until you can no more. If nothing else this will lift your mood quicker than all the other parts of the checklist above. (personally I love Miranda Hart, Robin Williams or even Betty Davis for a quick belly jiggling pick me up giggle).


Snapping is a really obvious sign that all is not well with us. And yes there is alot to it, often stress and unhappiness or security in your life. However if you ask yourself the five questions on my check list and make rebalancing these parts of your life you will find that you have more energy and capability to deal with the stickier parts of your life

Have a great week!

When the world is too irritating


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